Web scraping puppeteer cheerio

“An Introduction to Web Scraping with Puppeteer” by CodeDraken https://link.medium.com/oi2QdQdQWW

“How to Build a Web Scraper using JavaScript” by Bret Cameron https://link.medium.com/6feVXUhA1W

“An introduction to web scraping with Node.JS and CheerioJS” by Neelesh Joshi https://link.medium.com/MtBFFDa2qX


“Web Scraping with Puppeteer…” by Divyansh Tripathi [SilentLad] https://link.medium.com/rYpMRtm2VX

“End-to-End testing with Puppeteer and Jest” by Jakub Zovak https://link.medium.com/vdeKBvJZzY

Screenshot API

“Building a Website Screenshot API” by Dirk Hoekstra https://link.medium.com/AiOZwpNnT0